Kids Art Classes

This exciting course will offer budding young artists the opportunity to explore their creativity through the most fun and engaging painting techniques. Our expert instructor will take participants on an artistic journey, teaching them the basics of painting and inspiring them to bring their fantasies to life on paper.

The course is in English, open to all ages and ability levels, creating a welcoming environment for children to learn, grow and most importantly, have fun.

We can’t wait to see the proud smiles of little artists as they explore colors and shapes, building lasting memories and lasting skills. Join us on this creative adventure and enroll your child today!

Duration: 12 weeks, 1 lesson of 2 hours per week

Structure: Each lesson is organized in the following way:
● Drawing session (30 min): a topic is given and the teacher guides and helps the kids develop their own drawing.
● Creative Meditation (30 min): the teacher tells a story about the topic, and the kids are stimulated to imagine their own version of the story.
● Break with snacks (10/15 min).
● Creative Painting (30 min): a new technique is taught, and kids are encouraged to experiment with it.
● Group Presentation (15 min): with the help of the teacher, the kids present the artworks made during the lessons.

Course Target Goals:
● Exercise creativity to gain confidence to express.
● Learn drawing and painting from observation.
● Develop English sector dictionary.

Syllabus &

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