Weekends 4 Kids: Spanish Classes for kids

Are you looking for Spanish courses for children in Singapore?

The Spanish Language School has something for you!

Step into the enchanting realm of our Weekends 4 Kids Program, meticulously crafted to introduce children aged 2-12 to the wonders of Spanish language and culture in an engaging and captivating way! This program welcomes both little ones familiar with Spanish and those who are new to the language.

These weekend escapades have been carefully curated to meet the increasing demand for a unique and innovative Spanish Language School in Singapore, conveniently located at Harbourfront.

Guided by experienced Spanish language mentors, these interactive sessions empower your child to grasp essential Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and sentence construction skills.

Our classes feature immersive role-playing activities, interactive games, melodic tunes, and creative crafts, adding a delightful flair to the process of learning Spanish while fostering the development of new friendships among children.

Our Spanish Language Kids’ Sundays initiative creates a joyful and stress-free learning atmosphere beyond the traditional school setting. Each class is thoughtfully adapted to accommodate the diverse learning styles and paces of the children, allowing them to progress at their own unique rates.

For optimal growth, our adept instructors provide personalized feedback and support, ensuring that every child receives the necessary attention to blossom and thrive.

  • 👪 groups of a maximum of 10 children

  • 📔2 groups: from 2 to 5 years old,  or from 6 to 12 years old

  • 🎲native Spanish-speaking teachers

  • 📍in collaboration with Agora’ Co-Learning at Harbourfront

  • 📆 a total of 19 Sundays starting from 7 January

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